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The Great Debate: Flour or Corn Tortillas?

Wednesday, June 16th, 2021
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Thanks to flour and corn tortillas, we are able to enjoy so many delicious Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, enchiladas, nachos. We all know that meat, cheese, and other ingredients are already good on their own, but the tortilla is what brings the whole dish together and makes it what it is. Without the tortilla, these dishes would just be ingredients mixed together on a plate. Although flour and corn tortillas are both used in Mexican dishes, most people have a preference when it comes to certain meals.

Flour Tortillas

There are a few differences between flour and corn tortillas, but the main, and most obvious, are the base ingredients flour and corn. Flour tortillas are also made with lard or vegetable shortening in order for the dough to stick together. Compared to corn, flour tortillas are softer, bigger, and more flexible, but don’t have as much flavor.

Typically, flour tortillas are used instead of corn for their size and ability to stay together. Burritos, tostada bowls, and quesadillas are made with flour tortillas because they are bigger and can hold more food without falling apart. Fajitas are made with smaller tortillas, but flour still works best when it comes to keeping everything inside. If any of these were made with corn, you would be limited on how much you could put inside them. If you overfilled them, they would fall apart before you ever got to eat.

Corn Tortillas

Corn tortillas are known for their flavor, texture, and size. These are much smaller and less flexible than flour, so they tend to fall apart easier. For some dishes, like burritos or quesadillas, it is impossible to use corn tortillas because they are not big enough to hold everything that goes in them.

One of the most popular dishes made with corn tortillas are tacos. Although they can be made with flour, corn is the fan-favorite, and adds to the flavor of tacos. Another popular food made with corn tortillas are tortilla chips, because they come out more crunchy and flavorful than if they were made with flour. Unlike flour, corn tortillas can handle the sauce that enchiladas are made with, and won’t end up falling apart. Crunchy taquitos are also made with corn tortillas, because with flour, they would just be flautas.

Ready to solve the debate?

Most of these Mexican dishes can be made with either tortilla, but they work better with specific ones. The only way to know for sure which you like better is to try them yourself! Come see us at The Plaza Restaurant at any of our Locations or check out our Menu to see the wide variety of options we have available!