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Pairing The Plaza’s Food And Beer

Monday, October 18th, 2021

You can pair Mexican food with anything, but a cold beer is the perfect companion to help bring out the flavors in the dish. Here at The Plaza, we have many different imported and domestic types of beer to choose from. The only question is, which one goes best with your favorite Mexican dishes?

Light And Fresh Foods

Foods that are light and fresh go best with beers that have a lighter, crisp flavor to them. At The Plaza, if you order a dish like the shrimp fajitas or fish tacos, try pairing it with a bottle of Corona, Pacifico, Blue Moon, or Tecate. These imports will help bring out the flavors in the dish instead of overpowering them like a darker beer would.

Fatty And Crisp Foods

When you order Mexican food at The Plaza that is more on the fatty and crispy side like the Tacos De Carnitas, Chili Verde, Fajita Chimichanga, or steak, it’s best to pair it with a dark beer. Try pairing these Mexican dishes with a bottle of Shiner or Negra Modelo.

Spicy Foods

When eating at a Mexican restaurant, there’s no doubt that most of the dishes will be on the spicy side. When pairing spicy food with beer, you want to choose types without a lot of carbonation, because they could intensify the spice of the dish. The perfect beer for spicy dishes is a cold and refreshing pilsner. If you order something at The Plaza with a little bit of spice, try pairing it with a bottle of Stella Artois, Modelo Especial, or Tecate Light to extinguish some of the heat.

Creamy Dishes

As odd as it sounds, bitter beer goes best with creamy Mexican dishes. This flavor will help cut through the richness of the meal. At The Plaza, dishes like the El Grande Burrito, Stacked Enchiladas, or the Fajita Pasta go great paired with a bottle of Michelob Ultra or Heineken.

Come Try These Pairings Yourself!

The only way to know for sure which beer you like better with your meal is to try them yourself! Come see us at The Plaza Restaurant at any of our Locations or check out our Menu to see the wide variety of options we have available!